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Officially Done.

Cindy im sorry! I know I havent talked to you in a while but just thought id give you an update. I am officially done with worrying about my relationship status or the lack there of. Guys will no longer be in my top 5 list of priorities ill put them at #9, right after what bras to buy from victoria secret. The right man will come into my life when it is the right time. I will not chase after love. Love will just have to chase after me. I am young and live a healthy life I should get out more and should be worrying about what fun thing im going to do next instead of what guy could be the one that finally asks me out. Or which one will be my first kiss. Or my first time.  I have come to the conclussion that I am a unicorn and im okay with that :) One thing I am absolutely sure about is that whatever guy comes into my life will definately not regret it. I will be the best companion I know how to be.

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